About us

SecurisecCTF is a CTF group that was founded in July of 2017 during Google CTF. The purpose of our community is to build more technical awareness in the information security fields. We offer a platform for collaboration during CTF’s and to also as a discussion platform for the following topics:

  • CTF
  • Programming
  • Tools
  • Methodologies

Our goal is to learn from each other, and play hard. Refer to our code of conduct for more details.



Competition Rank Year
BlackHat 1st 2018
CarolinaCon 1st 2018
Shmoocon 2nd 2018
Hackcon 3rd 2018
OtterCTF 7th 2018
Pwn2Win CTF 10th 2018
Midnight Sun Quals 9th 2018
UIUCTF 8th 2018
Securinets 2nd 2018
TAMUCTF 10th 2018
nullcom HackIM 6th 2018
TUCTF 5th 2017
hxp 10th 2017
School CTF 8th 2017
Infosecon 1st 2017
Bsides Raleigh 1st 2017
BlackHat 1st 2017
HackCon 1st 2017


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